About Us

Housley was founded in July of 2007 in Visalia California, and ever since, it has been expanding and gaining a reputation for being a professional company that doesn’t cut corners.

At the time, the central valley’s real estate industry was booming, and the old had to be torn down to build the new, this is where we stepped in, and haven’t stopped since.

Primarily serving Tulare and Kings counties and then expanding into the all over the State of California, we experienced further success. Our fleet of vehicles grew and our equipment and crew became more capable, advanced, and efficient. With safety as a priority, Housley rarely hit any unpleasant bumps along the way. As we continued to put our customers' financial needs first, we recognized the need to expand in order to further accommodate the growing needs of our customers.

So, in 2012, we opened a second operations site in Bakersfield CA, to better serve our customers. Today, our priorities haven't changed much and our success continues, and so will our drive to give back to the Valley Community. We will LEVEL THE COMPETITION!